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Dr. David Starr :: Redondo Beach Chiropractor

Redondo Beach Chiropractor, Dr. David Starr

Dr. David Starr is based in Redondo Beach, CA

Love For Chiropractic and Overall Wellness

Since 1982 Dr. David Starr, DC has dedicated himself to helping members of the South Bay community suffering from back pain improve their quality of life.

Born and raised in Torrance, he excelled in water sports and wrestling, so much so he won the National Lifeguard Dory Championships as a Long Beach Lifeguard.  All of Dr. Starr’s hard work in wrestling placed him on an all-star team that competed in Japan’s Olympic training center.  His aspirations in wrestling, however, ended with injuries.  While the injuries cut short that life’s path, they also opened up a new door and an inspiration in helping others with their injuries.

After attending California Lutheran College he enrolled at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.  At the College of Chiropractic, Dr. Starr received certifications from the State and National Board of Chiropractors.

Dr. Starr opened his chiropractic practice in the South Bay to serve the communities of Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  His practice grew quickly not only because patients realized relief from back pain but they also appreciated the dedication, care and compassion Dr. Starr has become known for.

As his practice grew, Dr. Starr started gaining recognition of his colleagues in the greater Los Angeles area.  Dr. Gary Michelson, MD, the world-renowned spine surgeon, selected Dr. Starr to over see pre and post surgical spin rehabilitation at Dr. Michelson’s spine center in Westchester, CA.   The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) named Dr. Starr treating doctor for professional tennis players residing in the greater L.A. area. Combining Education, Wellness, and Nutrition

Dr. Starr’s collegiate career was followed with extensive research in Nutrition, Education and Wellness.  As a pioneer in a holistic approach, he published several articles and a book in the early 1980’s. The publications were an attempt to alert Americans on the impending obesity crisis hitting our children. His involvement in sports and educational background allowed him to treat many types of athletes. For these reasons the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) designated him treating doctor for local Southern California tennis players.

Personal Health Regime

Over time, Dr. Starr began to reflect that chiropractic care was, for the most part, limited to what could be imparted through an office visit.  An office visit provides a doctor-patient relationship where patients could receive a spinal manipulation for relief of spinal subluxations and instruction on preventive care exercises.  Dr. Starr started thinking about how the benefits of chiropractic care could be broadened so patients could provide self-care in the comfort in their own homes.

After thousands of hours of clinical and practical research, Dr. Starr focused on the concept of coming up with a safe, easy to use and healthy form of self-treatment for his patients.  He realized that spinal decompression (lumbar traction) offered one of clearest forms relief and preventive care for patients.  The only problem was, almost all available forms of spinal decompression for the consumer market were expensive and came with positive benefits that truly must be weighed against their negatives, limitations and cost.

After experimenting with several concepts, Dr. Starr developed an extremely easy to use form of portable traction.  Over the couple of years and with the assistance of his patients, Dr. Starr was able to test and perfect Spinal Stretch.  Spinal Stretch eventually gained the attention and endorsement of Dr. Charles Burton, M.D., who has been voted Neurosurgeon of the Year and was past Director of Neurological Devices for the FDA.

Dr. Starr’s practice serves the South Bay to serve the communities of Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Call or email Dr. Starr for an appointment.

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